Wednesday, May 6, 2015

After all;

The ability to feel, the ability to possess a sense of humanity comes out to be both our strength and weakness.

What is more stronger than that is the feeling which burns stronger than a raging fire, so powerful that is consumes you deep within your soul. Where once taken away, it destroys you completely. Something so mysterious in our lives, yet it serves with such profound meanings.

A form of happiness which sparks like the most beautiful fireworks ever arranged. It dares you to dream of the most outrageous imagination beyond yourself. It pushes you to the sharpest edge where you're willing to take a leap for. So strong, that it keeps you awake at night, questioning yourself whether is this real or is this just a realm of a dream you're in. An ecstasy which you're willing to give everything up for.

And that, is what I call love. Our ability to fall in love act as our strength in life but at the same time, it brings out our weakness as humans. Well, its my weakness after all, which has taken its form in him. My undefinable love for him became my biggest fear I could ever imagine. Lying next to him where only silence commenced, but yet, my heart pumps faster than a beating drum.  He makes me strong as a human but at the same time, he is my biggest weakness.