Sunday, November 22, 2009

It Doesn't Matter No More -

I miss this bitch so damn much :(

Huge thick bloody eyebags.

I'm so freaking bored now. And my internet is being a

I wan on the phone with Angelene earlier on and I guess
she hanged up or something when I said hold on and I can't
called her back because my house phone got cut since my
mum didn't bother paying the bills.

Went down to Subang today to visit grandpa and still I don't
find much improvement on his health but I hope
he gets well really really soon. And I can see my family
bursting their brains thinking of ways to cure my grandpa.
And still there's nothing I can do :\

Mum kinda made me attend for that 4 days course again.
I think it starts on 7th December till 10th. I don't really
have the guts to say that I don't wanna go since I got really
really shitty results. It saves all the nagging from her :)

I suddenly lost my mood of blogging so imma ciao.