Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Great Escape -

I'll Come For You - Nickelback

I haven't blogged for such a long time! Sorry :D

Hmm, so updates shall we?

Angelene came over on Monday. Like finally she gets
to come over in such a long time. I had fun :)

Grandma came over yesterday. And guess what ? I was
having flu, and so I coughed a few times when she
was around and she asked me to go away so she won't kena
the flu -.- I mean in a polite way lah. Haha I think she
got scared and the first thing she did was she packed her stuffs
and left. Haha funny grandma.

Was supposed to have tuition yesterday. Apparently my
teacher ffk-ed me. She was not home and she
didn't even texted me or something. Haha not as if I
cared that much. And I beauty sleep went on till 4pm
yesterday. Haha nobody woke me up till I got a phone call.

I think I'm seriously gonna die for the year end exams.
Mati betul. I think I really need to study. Study Bea!
Stop starring at the computer screen and the tv! I'll try :/

I suddenly have the urge of eating dim sum now. Anyone
who can buy me dum sum ? :) Its like 2.30 am now and
I'm thinking of food. Haha I can't help myself.

Aight that's all for now.