Friday, September 18, 2009

I'll Get What I Deserve -

Listening to Down by JaySean ft. Lil' Wayne


I'm so bored now. Currently talking to Vivek online now
and waiting for Leong to come fetch me for dinner.
My mum is being so awkward these few days. She suddenly
allows me to go out during the day. She used to be all
protective last time. Maybe she still is. But its definitely OK
with me :D

Slept in till 10 this morning. Its funny, I usually sleep till noon
during holidays. Even mum is surprise that I've been an
"early" bird. Became a good girl and did Add Maths today.
WOW. Beatrice actually did AddMaths. LOL

Anyone can draw 4 graphs for me for physics? :\ I'm
so lazy to do anything now.

I'm out of things to blog already.