Thursday, August 13, 2009

Leave Me in Darkness -

Hello People :)

Sorry for not updating again. I haven't really have the moood
to update about anything this few days.

So, last week's update? Few peeps from my class went
to UKM for some IT thing. It was totally boring during the
talk. Going and coming back from there was fun :)

Skipped school today and yesterday. I'm sick again and I have
a swollen eye -.- No contact lenses for me till my eye size is
reduced -.- Skipping school again tomorrow since they are
having some merdeka celebration. Don't really wanna waste my
time when I can sleep like a pig at home :)

Dad might be going to AbuDhabi this Friday or Saturday.
He was like suppose to go last Sunday but he's working permit
isn't ready yet. Still not used to him around here yet. I know
I might sound really bad thou. But I'll still wish him luck working
over there :)

SherLene's back from UK :D Met up with her last Saturday at OU.
Blew almost 200 bucks on clothes. I had fun with her & thanks
for the lunch and the ice cream :) We'll meet up again aight.
Will upload the pictures soon :)

Me so bored now.
Wanna have some tv time.


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