Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Mind Is Gone, I'm Spinning Round -

Just got off the phone with Angel not long ago :)

Last day of exams and I got my Chemistry paper back
& I failed -.- Only like 3 people passed and one
of them was Serene. Yaya, rub in all in Serene :P Here's your
big congrats. Felt sorry for Pn Diana about the results.
Moral was a disaster. Have you ever like have a teacher
discussing the exam answers with the students & starts scolding
the class after one question after another? I was going through
that during moral class. I felt as if I haven't slept for 5 days
at that time. Sighs.

I don't wanna go school tomorrow lahh. I'm feeling
rather lazy to spend 4 periods in the lab. Just pray that
Cik Liang doesn't take over maths again for physics
like what she always do. Pray pray pray!

I'm like so tired now. I wanna fall onto my bed