Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love Knocks You Down -

I haven't took a picture with her for ages.

Not to mention with Jane too. This like the latest picture
after few years :) And I just realised that ChunKee is
like at the back of both picture. Haha.

I suddenly had the urged to go shopping for like this whole week.
Dah lama I didn't go shopping :( And I wanna get out
from the house. I've been staying in for way way too long.

Today was YeeLing's turn to go crazy -.- She can't stop singing
silent night. LOUDLY. Where else she couldn't be silent
herself. Haha crazy girl. And so what if he hit your head? As if
I care :P Haha

The papers today were okay except History. As predicted lah.
Nothing else I can say. But screw it lah, its only a
monthly test. Hehe.

On the phone now :)