Monday, July 27, 2009

Beautiful Nightmare -

Hello :)

It's exam week again & I never lift a finger on any
of my books. Haha today was Chem, Add Maths, Moral &
BM. No good no good at all. Ezhar was practically hurrying
me to finish up my add maths paper so he can copy
my answers. Haha stuupiddd, too bad I only finished it when
it was times up. Haha sorryy Ezhar ;P

Okayy, I have no idea what hit me today. I was like laughing
like shit today in school with Angelene. Non stop whenever
i saw her. I think Cebek got scared of me when I couldn't
stop laughing. Haha.

I have Eng, History & Maths. Ughh, screw history lah when
I know I'm gonna suck at it.

I nak pergi tidurr now.