Sunday, March 1, 2009

Take Me Somewhere, Somewhere We Can Be Alone -

I'm trying to keep my blog as alive as possible. Screw the days to be so boring.

Listening to Right Round by Flo-Rida
My apologies to ZaiLii for missing her party yesterday.
Hope you had a blast :)

School was normal I guess. OMFG, exam is like on
this following friday. Physics is first. Started studying? NOPE.
I can just fail my first term exam already. Damn.
Now I'm like partly deaf due to Serene's loud screaming
next to my ear for the class to shut up. Haha. The post as
an assistent class monitor was like made for her la :D

Yesterday I had to wake up at 8. Eventualy I got woken up at
8.30 by a phone call from my mum. She made a call to me
just to wake me up when she's in her own room -.- how smart
of her. I had to follow my mum to send my maid for medical
check up then to ou to collect something.
I suddenly got into a bad mood and threw my anger on my
mum & obviously got into an arguement. I know, I know. Its
my fault. & I apologize.

Damn it lah, What a heartache
to see all 200+ songs have been erased from my iPod
by itself. The best part is that I can't upload any songs into
it. great. But thank god now its okay. It took out my
whole day to restore my iPod.

School tomorrow. So I gotta ciao already ;)