Friday, March 13, 2009

Shalala -

OMG! My face! Just so you know, I got bitten on my face
by my dog. I now have a patch on my face. It was somehow
lucky the dog didn't bite my eye. A patch on my face during
the holidays. GREAT.

Finally exam's over! This week felt rather long. I think
I screwed up most of the papers. Especially history. I left
most of the subjective questions BLANK.
I bullshitted alot for my BM paper
on the essays which some of them makes no sense.

My mum is sending me off to some 4 days course in
Tropicana. I got to attend some course during
the holidays? fun holiday I'm gonna have. Let's just see
how it goes la ;)

Anyways, I can't believe one of my relative, Kenny got
10A's for SPM. Smart people lah. Congrats anyways :)

Angelene came over last week ;)

Thanks Anglene, her family & my other friends for
your concern on my face ;)