Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Changed My Life -

The tide is high - KardinalOffishall ft. Keri Hilson ;)

Shitt, my camera is dead. The screen has problems.
Isn't that just great? Now I've gotta spend money on fixing it.
And my ears have to suffer from my mum's nagging on
not being careful on my things -.-

I finally did my english oral & I was shivering infont. Now
my freaking english teacher wants me to join public speaking.
I was lucky she didn't really force me to join, yet.

Exam is coming in one or two weeks plus I think.
I'M NOT READY. I know its weird to be scared for the
first term exam but I seriously need help in Chemistry la.
Tuition's not really helping much. I won't even be surprised on
my results then.

Yes yes Angelene, I know I have the potential in being a
bullshitter :D

Lost my mood to blog already. Loves`