Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hold Me Tight -

So sorry for leaving this blog so fucking dead. I've been so lazy nowadays.

Ears on Save You by Simple Plan.

Firstly, a Happy Belated Sweet 16
Lee Zai-Lii. Loves ;)

On cny I practically lost 100 bucks in gamling.
Didn't even realised that I lost so much until after the game.
No pictures yet. Sorry will post them up soon ;)

I skipped school today. Mainly because I have a fucking
english oral test today. But since I'm sick that's my sub-
reason. Haha.

& Nagen was suppose to deliver some bak kut teh to my
house today and I don't see no bak kut teh! :p
Nagen said it was awesome that I absent myself today so
he & I don't have to present our oral today. & he owes my some
"supplies" :D Nagen knows what I mean. Right nagen? :)

Class was practically boring. They changed my add-maths
teacher who is soo nice to a non-smiling teacher. Smart of
them lah. And I don't have school tomorrow. Yay :D
But I have tuition tomorrow, betul potong steam la.

That's all the updating for now. Others will be soon i think
unless if i get lazy again & leave this blog dead again.

Nights! Loves`