Friday, December 19, 2008

That Is All I Can Ask From You -

Update a lil' shall we? ;)
Went down to OU for Karmun's Birthday. I had her to
fetch me there ;D First thing I did when I got there
was I went to meet up with Angelenee ;D I haven't seen her in
a long time. Finally I got back my clothes. JeanYee
joined us for awhile. Hee.DAMNN!
I wanna watch Twilight! yet no tickets at the appropriate time.
So we ended up watching -

Yes Man ;D
Simply funny ;) Marcus joined us for awhile
after he finished working.
Karmun, Marcus & I were wearing christmas
hats while walking around ou. Got it at Miss T since
Angelene & the rest was not wearing it. We look like 3 idiots
who are like a big fan of christmas, Haha.

I went back around 9. You know why? Because I have to have
dinner with my mum & her boss. I didn't really enjoy dinner.
Simply because I was pretty full. And I'm whiped out ! pheww.

Overall I had fun. Sorry no pictures today.
I'll post them up asap ;)