Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Heaven On Earth -

Sorry for not blogging for quite awhile. There's just
nothing to blog about. So let's do some
updating ;)

Quite a tiring day actually. I had to pack all my form 1
to form 3 books into boxes. & carry all of it down
to my mum's car. Almost died la. They are damn heavy.
Who knew books could be sooo heavy. Later in the evening went
to curve for dinner with my grandmother. & there she
go again with a depression about her son. She could never
be happy if she's always like that.

Went to ss14 for some dim sum at Oriental with mum and
grandma. Yeah she stayed over. Lol Went home after
that. Practically stayed at home the whole day.

Nothing to say about the evening. I have to go for
tuition! Maths tuition. Come on la mum! I just finished PMR
few months ago now you want me to press my head into
my studies again? Sighs.

Anyways here are some pics that were taken quite a long
time ago.

The day Angel & Karmun came over -


Ears on - Love Story by Taylor Swift

Loves `