Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Won't Let You Fall Out Of Love -

Tagged by ANGELENE ;)

1. Who is your ONE best friend?
AngeleneTeh ;)
* I would add ChungKarMun too ;)

2. How long do you know him/her?
Since form 2. 2 wonderful years with that girl ;D

3. Upload a picture of you & him/her.

4. Is the person that tagged you your best friend?
Obviously, Is my girl Angeleneeeee ;D

5. Describe the person that tagged you.
She's my baby biatch ;) A crazy one too.

6. How do you get to know the person that tagged you?
In secondary school.

7. Ever regretted from knowing some friend?
Not really ;D

8. If your best friend betrayed you, what will you do?
Forgive but not forget. I don't really forget that
easily. Hehe ;)

9. It's your best friend birthday. What would you give him/her?
A piece of my heart. Haha, nola. Somethin meaningful,
like Angelene said.

10. Say something grateful to your best friend.
I LOVE YOU ANGELENE! Haha, thanks for all the laughter
you brought to me ;D Loves`

I tag -


Went down to OU with mum today to get my contacts.
Damn my mum got me form 4 books to study for
the holidays already! Sejarah and mathematics.
I feel like screaming already! I didn't wish to see any books
after PMR until school starts next year. Mum oh mum.
Sighs, what to do? :(

I movie crazy these few days. Sitting infront of the tv all day.
Haha, what? There's nothing to do.

I watched -

That lil' girl is sooo cute ;D

Nice movie.

* I find this movie abit weird. People can actually go
paranoid because of a number. Haha

* This show is not bad at all. I'm finding Shia Labeouf kinda
cute ;) Haha that's weird.

I can't wait for Twilight lah! Edward Cullen *drools*

Okay, I wanna go watch some tv now.
Loves` Night ;)