Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hello readers ;) Sorry I have not been updating for
a period of time. There's just nothing much
to update nowadays. Once again, I have another crazy
convo with Angelene again. This time she was the dumb and
cute one ;D

Me . Angelene
Damn, the neighbour next door is so noisy. Keep
on drilling.
Yeah, I can hear it also.
I'm afraid that my ceiling fan will fall because of all
the drilling.
Huh? Why?
I thought that your neighbour is next door not
above your house right?
Eyy, oh ya! HAHAHA
Haha. Sigh, Angelene's the real Angelene.

Yeah, Angelene is cute that way. Actually this convo is
quite long ago. I was just too lazy to post it up ;D

Skip those crap now. Let's do some updating shall we?

Angelene & her sis, Cassandra came over in the morning & we
headed to OU. Met up with Kok Way there. Had break with
Jean. I got myself a batman tee ;D Hehe. Went to my
cousin's house later on around 6. Went there for
her daughter's 1st birthday.

I got her a dress. It's sooo cute. I wish I could wear
it la. Well actually my mum was the one who paid for it
and I wrote my name on the card :D hehe maybe I took credit
for it ;D hehe Sorryyy

Went over to the beauty saloon for their 11th
anniversary party. I didn't really went their to attend the
whole party you see. My mum wanted to get her
mascara since its on promotion. Got some gifts tho ;D

Didn't really do much that day. Stayed at home most of the

Sorry! No pictures today from the outing on Sat.
I'll post them up soon! :D

I think I'll ciao for now. Oh before that I would I to
wish to-