Sunday, October 26, 2008

You're Gonna Be a Shining Star -


Got woken up by Angelene this morning. Lucky I'm not
that grumpy type of person. But lucky the person
who called was her la. Hehe.

Nothing much happened this morning. The usual la.

I'll be heading down to Mid Valley later in the evening
for a hair cut. I wanted to make it next weekend
so I could visit Angelene at the Pink Pussycat. But again,
my mum said NO. Sorry Angelene :(

Boring day la people. For those people who goes out
every time, you guys should feel happy :)

Currently listening to Live Your Life by Rihanna & TI.
Go try hearing it. It not that bad at all.

I gotta go get ready now. I'll blog later when I get
home ;)
Byee ;)