Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh, That's So Sweeeet -

Hey youu ;) Nothing much to update. Pictures shall we?
Pictures -

Went to OU last Saturday. Didn't really do much there.

We catch The House Bunny. Kinda lazy to look for

the poster. Rated it 6/10

It would be eye-catching for the guys. Hehe

Hehe, Pumpkin.

Angelene came over during the raya holidays. Pictures -

Angelene's Water blue

Coconut tree *blue*

Angelene's house *blue*
Conclusion- Angelene's colour blind indeed

She didn't dare to jump in. Hehe

Haha, look at her arms

I like this picture

We have nothing to do.

Peace To The World.

The SuperGirl

First time

The sauce


I'm stated as the slowest tomato chopper in the world

Whooo, I'm done ;)
Tv for me now.
Byee ;)