Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Shall Never Look Back -

In the ayer , a-ayer, ayer , a-ayerrr ;)
That song is so addictive. Hehe

Boring day it is today. Woke up around 11. Wish I
could have my own car. I could go anywhere I want at
anytime ;) As I said, that was just a wish.

Just finished watching John Tucker Must Die. I think I've
watched it twice today.
I suffered from a verryy painful sore throat last night.
I don't know what happen. Whenever I breathe,
my throat hurts like shit. So, shall I stop breathing ?

Actually, I just update for the fun of it ;D I think I'll go

Ciao huns ;)


Tagged by Caridee ;)

1. Who & what is your relationship with the last person who tagged you?
Beloved pet sis, Caridee.

2. Do you know what is true love?
Of course I do. I just happen to read the big book of true love.

3. Who do you recently hang out with in MSN?
Anyone who's online.

4. What is your relationship with her?
Her? Who?

5. Who is your beloved pet sis?
Caridee. I don't really call my friends as pet sis tho =p

6. Who are you still in love with?
Robert Pattinson ;DDD

7. Why do you create a blog?
To kill time of course ;)

.8. You know your blog sucks?
Aww, thank you.

9. What do you like to eat?
Ice-creeaaam, ultimate favourite ;D

10. Who are you having relationships now?
Errr, ask Angelene ;DDDDD Haha

11. ARRRGGHH I got nothing else to ask already.
Too bad for youu ;)

12. The lucky 10 tags goes to ;
-Mandy Yong
*Can I change it to lucky 5 tags?

13. Who is number 1?
Are you blind? Angelene la ;)

14. What about number 3
Mandy Yoooooooonggg.

15. Does number 5 love number 1?
No number 5. Sorry.

16. Who's number 4 ?
Christina Ng. Tunaaaa

17. Do you have any relationship with number 5?

Loves ,