Friday, October 24, 2008

I Don't Wanna Run No More -

My freaking throat is killing me.

The freaking pain that I keep on having whenever I breathe deeply.

Angelene . Me
"I think my dad is born on 1963 and my mum is on
"Huh? Your mum is older then your dad?"
"Diu! My mum older then my dad?!"
"Oh Yah!! Hahaha" ( and the laugh goes on )

Alright, maybe I was abit blur. This convo actually
happen twice. Once was a long long time
ago & this one was just now when we were on the
phone. I really felt utter dumb when I said that
twice. Haha.

I wanna work during the holidays!
But nooo. I wasn't surprise that my mum says NO.
What does she expect me to do during the hols?
Study? Study what?! I don't even know what stream
and I going into next year. That's my beloved mum.

I've been gaining weight again. Damn, I have been
stuffing my mouth with junkfood. Now I feel
like a big fat whale. What happen to me? I've been eating
alot nowadays. Sigh, I so gotta cut down those
damn junkfood with soooo much fats in it. Haha

There's not nothing much to update in this post.

I gotta go now.
Bye ;)

Loves ,