Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Wishing Star -


I've dumped my blog for amost a month plus and I'm
apologize for that. There's just nothing much to
blog about except for the shity trials which I think I did very

I suddenly had kerajinan to blog today. So yeah, still very
sorry. Hehe :)

So, holidays was last week. Gah, I'm still in a holiday mood.
Which means school doesn't interest me right now.
But glad that I saw my friends. As a normal
boring shity holiday, I got to spend the whole week at home.
Sounds like fun huh? NOT.

Angelene wanted to come over but her dad had
some reasons. So big no for that.

Results are coming out for the trials. AND I DON'T
WANT IT BACK. Enough said. Oh, my cousin gave birth
to a baby boy, Hayden ;) Congratulations Fiona, much loves ;)

Sorry but I gotta run now.
Bye ;)