Saturday, June 14, 2008

Run Of To Heaven -


You guys are a year older now. More stuff are gonna
hit you. But don't worry, I'm gonna be
there for you guys. There was some ups and downs
but its okay. KokChong & KokSin, I LOVE YOU GUYS.
Be happy and funny always ;)


School has been a drag te whole week. Results
came back & I HATED IT. I think I failed my history.
Oh boy, my mum is gonna killed me.

Sorry Angel, Jean & the others that yesterday I
couldn't make it to OU. My blooody driver didn't wanna
fetch me home. Got money also don't wanna earn.
Haha, but at least you guys had fun la ;)

I payed 10 bucks the sharing of Xin Ni's birthday gift.
Yeap, her birthday is coming next week ;)
Have fun bitch :D

Aight, I gotta go now.
Byee ;)