Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pocket Full Of Sunshine -

" Angelene, I love you but why didn't you believe me
when I saw the memo on the board saying
that there's gonna be spotcheck on Mon ? I'm so
dissapointed. Big big BIG sigh."

HAHA, don't even bother about what I just said
above. Its just a big bullshit. Btw, they didn't
have spotcheck on monday la ;) But they did have
it on the form 4 today.

GAHH! Open day is on this Friday. *gulps*
I've told all my results to my mum but I have no
idea why I'm still scared.

Can you believe it, PMR's only 3 months away
& I haven't touch my books yet. Time really
fly man. My trials are on August. Starting to get
that stress, worried feeling again. How I wish I could
break this lazy habit.

Anyway, last wednesday Juwita Suwito came to our
school for some motivation but they played
a few songs. We were all jumping and screaming. Haha,
overall I had fun ;)

Aight, that's all for now huns.
Byee ;)