Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nothing Else But You -

I Finished My Seni Project
Yay? Haha lets see what my ass teacher can write in my
profile now. Haha but I still have 2 more
projects to finish. So the happiness have to wait.

I skipped school today, my mum wanted me to study at home.
But I spent the whole day doing my project.
Yesterday, I sat for English 1 & Moral. English's not
bad. I have nothing to say about Moral cause I cheated.
Haha, hey I'm not the only one okayyy.

My exams will be continued on nex week. Till then nooo
resting. Sigh, havta study like a mad cow for my geo
& sejarah.

Okayy, opening the book time. Lol.