Friday, April 4, 2008

Sweet Chewy BubbleGum

First Name - Beatrice
Nickame - Bea Bea Wang
Name you wish you had - I guess Bea Bea Wang? Haha I like
that name.
What do people normally mistake your name as - Beat rice,
Birthday - 2nd September
Birth Place - Kuala Lumpur
Single or taken - Absolutely SINGLE ;)
Zodiac Sign - Virgo

Your Appearance -
How tall are you - 158 , 159? I think
Which you were taller - YES
Eye colour - Dark dark brown
Eye colour you want - Blue , Grey , Green , Hazel
Natural hair colour - Dark or Light Brown ?
Current hair colour - Dark brown I guess ;)
Dye your hair a bizarre colour - Haha I think I would
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair -
Pulled my hair hard when I was angry
Glasses or contacts - Obviously contacts
Do you wear make up - Yes I DO
Ever had hair extensions - Nope
Paint your nails - Yeap

In The Opposite Gender -
What colour eyes - Light brown
What colour hair - light brown again ;)
Shy or outgoing - I think outgoing
Looks or personality - Personality
Sexy or cute - I think I would choose .......
Older or younger than you - Definitely OLDER
A turn on - Huh?
A turn off - Another huh?
Flowers or chocolates - Both? Haha
Pepsi or coke - Pepsi
Rap or rock - Rap
Relationship or one night stand - Its relationship
School or work - School. Never experience working
Love or money - Love AND money
Movies or music - Dua dua pun ada ;)
Country or city - City I guess
Sunny or rainy days - Sunny during the day
& Rainy during the night ;D

Have You Ever -
Lied - Obviously , who doesn't?
Hurt someone close to you - Maybe I did
Broke some one's heart - Yes & sorry
Had your heart broken - Yes
Wondered what's wrong with you - Maybe a few times ?
Liked some one who was taken - I don't think so
Shaved your head - NO WAY
Been in love - YES
Used chopsticks - Yeap
Sang in the mirror yourself - Do you? ;)

Favourites -
Flower - Roses
Candy - Hmm, does cotton candy counts ?
Song - ALOT
Scent - Not sure
Colour - Pink , Baby Blue
Movie - Comedy + Romance ;)
Singer - Changes every time
Word - HAHA
Junk food - Double Decker ;) Chicken Flavor
Website - www. ?
Location - Paris , Japan ;)
Animal - Doggy!
Ever cried over some one - yes
Do you think you're attractive - I don't think so
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would
you choose - Cinderella ;D
Do you play any sports - I don't do sports

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Christina Ng
James Lee Hong Kuan
Jane Lee