Monday, March 31, 2008

Turn It The Other Way

Happy Belated Birthday
Dearest Angelene

So sorry to wish you late. As ya'll know I had to attend a wedding
last Saturday which was her birthday. So yeah ;) Hun,
just to let you know I love ya loads.

I hope that our friendship can last. I'll suppot you in every
step ;)

Love you babe :)


Last Saturdays was my cousin's wedding. Nothing much to brag
during the wedding. The food's not bad. But after the
wedding, I was partying on the dance floor with the whole bunch
of cousins and the bride groom's maids & the brides maids.
Overall I did have a great time ;)

I didn't take many pictures. But I'll upload some of them another

Now, I gotta go to finish up my Geo project. The elements
1.1 - 1.7 is due tomorrow. What project have to seperate
the elements ? Sigh

Okay bye ;)