Thursday, March 27, 2008

Running Out Of Time

Hello ;)
School's boring as usual & so is life. Sigh, I wonder why
they keep running spot checks on kecemasan. Nothing else better
to do man this school.

I think Irene is PMS everyday or maybe she just lovees to
scold students for no damn reasons. It's just so sickening
to kena fuck for no reason.

I might do a lil' shopping after school with the girls

Here's the pics Angel & I took last week on Friday -
Kok Sin's phone chain. Look pretty real huh?
Yes, we are retards ;) What's up there?

Oh so RAJIN. Haha

I'm not desperate for ciggs okay.

Angel's good photography ;)

Angelene's Name Tag

Beatrice's Name Tag

I think she wanted to scold someone at that moment
which makes this pic CANDID. LOL