Monday, March 10, 2008


I woke up this morning & found myself in tears.

I have no idea what was I dreaming. All I remembered
was dreaming about my friends. Freaky how that happens.

I can practically say that I might be blogging alot
these few days cause I have nothing in the world to do.
You can say that my house is practically a jail to me.
My life is sooooo fun! NOT

For those people who CAN go out. Consider yourselves
lucky! Unlike mua -.-

HEHE, okay enough of the crap. Today? Nothing to say
about today. It rained though. LOL. I accidentally
dropped my phone today. A "few" parts of it came out.
And yet I have trouble putting them back together. In the end
I finally managed to get them together. My mum said
that if I could get more then 5a's for PMR, she would get me
any phone I want. ASS, by the time I take my exams &
by the time I get my results I would be almost a YEAR! She wants
me to wait that long? I would rather spoil my phone now &
HOPEFULLY get a new one. But I wouldn't take the risk :D

Aight, good night people.
Byeee (: