Friday, March 21, 2008

As Promised

Updates on last Sunday (16th March )
Sorry for the really late updates. Okay went to OU with
Angel & Siau Lung last week. Lazy to type ou everything. We just
mostly spend our time in the hot hot hot arcade. Surprisingly,
we didn't step into OSC.

The ass next to me was trying to open her eye linear.
Hehe ;)


The Two Love Birds

Yippee Cup
Happy Us

Siau Lung & Hao Yuen

Wasn't ready la

" I May Not Be PERFECT, But Parts Of Me Are Pretty
AWESOME " * Perasan* Haha, I got that for Angel's
b'day gift.

Haha yeah, Girls Rule ;)

I look FAT la

Last Picture of the Day.

Nothing much to brag about this week. Got back some of
my results. Not so good though
Maths - 72 %
Science - 75 %
BM - 47 %
Geo - 43 %
Sejarah - 55 % I think
Moral - 78 %
English - Unknown
Sivik - Unknown

There's some pictures we took in class on Friday,
I'll post it up as soon as I grab it from Angel ;)

Woo, DONE. Haha
Bye ;)