Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Never Let Go ;

Skipped school today same as last Wednesday. No idea what happened to me,
it has been two Wednesdays I have been skipping school.
Over slept last Wednesday. & the reason I skipped school this morning
is because I had bad bad stomach aches & it was raining. Haha okay
the raining part was not an excuse.

My mum told me since I'm not going to school, I MUST stay
home & study study study & here I am on the comp. Haven't even leave
any finger on my books yet. Hehe, I have this reallllllyyy bad habit
on studying last minute on exams. Yes, my bloody exams are coming.

There's nothing much to say about school for the past few
days. School was normal lah. Classes were noisy as usual. Homeworks
over flowing. Hmm, that's school huh. I'm getting very lazy to finish
my homework. My rajin-ness was only temporary. Sighs

That's all I gotta say. I'm out (;
BYE (: