Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Early Chinese New Year :D

Happy Early Chinese New Year
The people who are celebrating it :D

I'm wishing earlier cause I might not have time on New Year.
Visiting relatives & recieving AngPao. Haha,
I can bet, on new year I'll be filling my tummy wit food.
My family really spend alot this year. Buying MY stuff. Haha :D

I might be heading down to OU tomorrow with my dad. Yes,
my dad came back from China. Thank God, it's jus for 9
days. Haha, we'll be going to OU to do more shopping. Haha,
but this time it's with my money.

School is tiring as usual. Zaiton is being a bitch. She made
the whole class stand just because we cant answer
her freaking questions. What a bitch la.

Having dinner at grandma's house tommorow as usual.
I think we'll be having steambout. Yumm (:

Went to Mid Valley on Sunday with mum. Did our
hair & bought a few things. I got a new pair of shades & colour
contacts. My mum's hair is soo damn red man. We were
sitting in the salon for around 4 hours. Butt hurts man. Haha

Okay, I'm done. Ciao for now.
Bye (: