Friday, January 4, 2008

Soon Or Later ;

Sorry I've not been updating lately. School had started.Form 3 now,
which means I'm morning section. Three word about it -

Tired Tired TIRED

Maybe I'm just not used to it. I only slept for 1 hours on the
night before the first day. Imagine how tired was I.
We were practically sitting in the hall the whole day on the 1st day.
Norsham was doing her long long talk, I nearly falling asleep
while Norsham was busy talking about how many murid berebut-
rebut nak masuk sekolah ini & other shit lah. I havta bare
with her for 3 more years.

Another thing I got back into Mawar again this year. I was stuck in
Mawar for 3 damn years. Same class as Karmun, YeeLing
& Jean Yee :D Sad lah, Angel & I are not in the same class ): I miss her!

There's not much to say about school. Except I don't intend to have
the same grades I have last year. I'll have to keep my
grades up. My friends have been telling no more fooling around
& study hard. HAHA (: I shall take their advice :D

Okay, bye (: