Thursday, January 24, 2008

Perfect Lies ;

I have no homework & no tuition today :D Haha, most of my
teachers were not in school today. So yeah, NO homework :D But I
do have some leftover homework. Ruins the whole I'm free
thing. Hehe (:

I'm so free until I watched Alvin & The Chipmunks for about 3
times today. Haha, they're so CUTE! I totally feel like
their chubby cheeks :D

School? School was normal except the bitch Pn.Chong had to
run a spot check today in a sudden. And it was only the
Form 3's. Thank God I didn't bring my phone today. As I heard,
there's already 4 people who got their phones confiscated.
I did bring a liquid paper tho. Haha, but it didn't get confiscated.
I was surprise they didn't take it when they checked my
pencil box. Haha.

James , I'm sorry I have not been answering your calls
& texts. Cause I was really busy with my school work. Sorry ya (:
No hard feelings :D

Went over to Pavilion & Sungei Wang yesterday with my mum.
We were walking around for the whole day & we didn't buy
much. I got really fustrated when I couldn't even find a bag. Hehe

Anyways, I wanna go watch tv already (:
Byee (: