Sunday, January 20, 2008

Get Over It ;

Sorry for not updating lately. I have been really really tight with my homework.
If I'm not with my homework, I'm sleeping. So no time.
HAHA, okay get to the point.

After school, James , Kok Hong, Angelene, Siau Lung & I went
to Starbucks. We actually wanted to go to MCD but the tables outside
were wet & there's no sits left inside. So we had to walk all the way
back to Starbucks. JAMES! He was suppose to belanja us BUT unfortunately,
he picked the right day to pay some fees. LOL

We didn't know where else to go, so we ended up chit-chatting there
for around 2 or 3 hours :D Half way talking, some guy who
was starring at us for quite a long time. I thought he was starring
at us cause we were too loud. HAHA, so we came to us, I mean
James. He wanted to speak to James personally but James didn't wanted
to. Haha, surprisingly, that guy by te name of John Tan happens to
be a FilmMaker. Haha

He was asking James to help him in scrip writing in some film
he's working on. Haha, something like that la. So the guy wanted James'
number. But NOOO, James didn't want to give. Haha, the rest of us
were like pursuing James to give him his num. But too bad, he didn't.
Haha nvm la.

Went over to Kok Hong's shop later on. & my driver came to pick
me up from school at 4.30. Tiring day huh. But fun la :D

Went to OU with my mum for dinner. We did our shopping for CNY.
Haha, but it was still not enough. We shopped till most of the shops
were gonna close. Kaki sudah nak patah la. Hehe :D

I was at my cousin's house this afternoon. My mum had her massage
& I was PSP-ing while waiting for her. BORING DAY.
Not long after I came back. I had to do my homework. Sighs.
Yeah currently I'm still doing my homework. Haha, okay I gotta
finish it up by tomorrow :D Schooling day again tomorrow.

So bye (: