Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Brand New Start;

Happy New Year :D
Year 2008 is starting. Is a fresh new start (:

Obiously, I stayed home on new year's eve. Lonely New Year?
Of course. Didn't even go out at all. Sighs, Angel gave me
call yesterday. Clearly, she didn't go out too. At least I had my biatch to teman me.
HEHE, we were talking for more then an hour. Then she had to
call her boyfriend. Yeah, so called friend, ditch me aside & call her boyfriend.
HAHA, just kidding.

Went to MidValley today. Had dinner at Esquire Kitchen.
Or however you spell it. Bought a bag for school & a top (: Nothing
much to talk about there.

I'm so gonna miss 2007. Met plenty of new friends &
of course I got close with Angelene & Karmun early of this year (:
I hope that out friendship could last :D Angelene said it's our
1 year anniversary of being bestbuddies & other bullshit lah. HAHA (:
how smart is she.

Anyways, I gotta ciao for now. Mum scolding -.-
Goodnight & Bye (: