Sunday, December 23, 2007

Will You Catch Me When I Fall?

What a Tong Yun day. Hehe, ate alot of Tong Yun. In fact, I just
finish eating before writting. Haha (: Today is also
a crazy day for Angelene & I. She's totally crazy! She's gone nuts & she
tagged me along. I was laughing all the way infront of the screen.
My grandmother thought I was insane. Hahaha, me & her was screaming
bad words online just. I just cool down actually.
Lame, I know. HAHA (:

Angelene says: Fuck weih

Angelene says: Mahai

Bea says: chibai

Bea says: mahai

Bea says: !!!!!

Angelene says: chill!
( & she starts scolding again )

Angelene says: chibai!

Angelene says: mahai

Bea says: caohai!!!

Bea says: nia maa!!!

Angelene says: na bo chi ao!

Bea says: arghhh!!!

Angelene says: pukimak!

Bea says: CHIBAI!

Angelene says: u crazy d?!

And then she drive me mad -

Angelene says: ( phone link )

Angelene says: see this phone

Bea says: nonono i cannot see phone edi

Bea says: i can die la

Angelene says: y?

Angelene says: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

And then -

Bea says: eh pls pls pls pls

Bea says: dun see anymore fone la

Bea says: l8r u dunno wat fone 2 choose

Bea says: hahahahaha

Angelene says: i'm laughing like fuck weih!

Angelene says: ( phone link )

Angelene says: go see this

Bea says: chibai

Bea says: u dun understand eng ar?

Angelene says: hahahahahaahhahahahaahah

Angelene says: don wori

Later On -

Angelene says: ( phone link )

Angelene says: see this

Angelene says: XD

Bea says: wahh, u really dun understand english.

Bea says: hahaha

Bea says: FUCK U

Bea says: i see b4 edi la

Bea says : haha

Okay, that's not it. There's still more but I'm lazy to post it. All you
need to know is she kept on asking me to see phones
& I'll be scolding the hell out of her. Haha (: But I still love her (:

Will be heading down to Mid Valley with my mum tomorrow
to do my hair & shopping (:

Bye (:
p.s : Angelene is a biatch :D Haha


ekeng said...

LMAO..damn funny :)