Thursday, December 20, 2007

On The Way ;

Christmas is comingg :D Angelenee, come on la
babe! We stop in the middle of the road while planning the
Christmas Party. Have to be a late christmas party alreadyyy (:
Location? - Don't know.
Decorations? - Don't know.
People? - Don't know.
Money? - Don't know.
Presents? - Don't know.
Yeah that's the problem. Everything not sure. Hmm, we did plan
an amount of things but din't make it. Let's see,
Sleepover, School Over Party ( i think ) & errmm, other things
la. I can't remember :D

My mum told me something really weird a few days ago.
She said : " You want an expansive christmas present, ask my
boss. " I was like ask her boss? LOL I'll be having dinner
with her boss on Christmas Eve & will be going for my other cousin's
new born baby's fullmoon. Second fullmoon for another baby
this month (:

Should I give my mum's boss my christmas list? Haha
- New phone
- New shades
-New bag
- New clothes
- New colour contact lens
- New ipod
- New flat screen for my room
- New laptop
- New heels
* List goes on*

If he scolds me, I'll say Mommy ask me to charge anything
expansive on you. Haha
I think he would say I'm insane. If he does
get me all those & not to mention those that are continue-ing
he'll go bangkrap :D

Okay, Im done. Byebyee (: