Friday, December 7, 2007

Not Again;

Tuition again today at 2. Extra longer today, 2-4
2 hours of tuition. Tired-ness. & when I came back wasn't any
better. My mum asked me to study form 3 subjects.
What the hell? Come on lah, give me a break!

Since she ask me to go study, I coudn't stand & showed
her my annoyed face. *eyes rolling* Guess what? She started
going balistic & yelling at me. The longer she was scolding
the louder she gets.

*Pleeeaase stop!* That word kept on repeating in my heart.
Hoping that she would do so soon. But nooo, went on
& on for mostly 3 hours. & lastly she talks about the usage of
my phone. She ask for my phone back again.

When is she gonna realise that no matter how many times
she ask, I will never ever give her my phone.
Ughh, nvm that's my mum. Used to it.
Soooo not my day.

I think I'll ciao for now. Byee (: