Friday, December 21, 2007

Minutes To Midnight ;

Angelene & I are already planning the party. But there's
just one lil' problem. MONEY! Short of money. Not enough for
foods & drinks. Thinking of where am I gonna get the money.

Tomorrow is the Tong Yun Festival. I bet ya'll know what's
Tong Yun right? Haha, yes Angelene, I do love to eat
Tong Yun. It has been a long time sinced I chewed it. As I recall
the last time I ate it was Siau Lung who made for Angelene
a big tupperware of it. Tell you the truth, he's Tong Yun is not bad
at all. Haha (:

Made Tong Yun with my mum today. Argh! My mum get's
really really fussy on them. It has to be the right size
and it has to be round. Not too big not too small. Sheessh.
Well that's my mum's mouth. Will be going to my aunt's
house tomorrow night for dinner. Will be having Tong Yun!
Angelene's right. I do really really love to eat Tong Yun. Hahaha.

Christmas is in 3 more days! I still got no presents. My mum just
have to reject on me getting a phone. My phone is soo not in
a good condition now. I dropped in flat on the screen on the wet road
while it was raining few weeks ago. Now it has white scratched.
I pity my phone lah.

p.s : Angelene, you biatch. I so did not made your blog almost
in a DEAD condition. You made me soo geram! Dont't blame me.

Okayy, bye (: