Friday, December 28, 2007

Leave It Behind;

It's 2.10 in the morning. Bloody maths tuition homework I'm
trying to finish. Music playing in my ear. Eyes are mostly on the computer.
Cleaned my closet on Tuesday, my closet half empty now. Imagine
how many clothes did I took out. Some I didn't even wear. Wasteful me,
I know (: Got nagged from my mum for wasting money. HEHE

Schools re-opening next week. Feeling kinda nervous although it's
my 3rd year in the motherfucking pathetic school. PMR year,
shit. Excited to go back to school to see my friends BUT not to see the
bloody teachers. Went to buy my uniform last Sunday.

My phone went haywire today. On & off like nobody's business.
Whatthefcuk. I need a new phone. Guess I need to wait till
this phone goes to the graveyard. Sighs

Trying to stay patient till my phone dies & to get a new one,
but my dumb dumb Angelene on the other hand
has been talking to me about phones since last week. Mother.
But nevermind, trying to be FREAKING patient with that
biatch :D HAHA Argh, I miss that bimbo lah.
I miss the way she bullshits :D I'm such an idiot. Missing the way she
bullshit. What bullshit is that. Okayy, forget what
I just said it's bullshit :D

I got fringe now :D Currently listening to The Sweetest Girl
by Lil' Wayne ft. Akon & Wycleff. It's okay la (:
Not bad. God, my brain hurts from a real bad thinking of Maths
problem solving. Never really good at Maths. Hate it
actually. I have no other choice. Sighs

I sort of slept the whole day today.
Tired lah, woke up at 10 for tuition. I had to lie to
my teacher saying that I'm going out at 12 pm so that she couldn't
extend the class for 4 hours again. HAHA, how smart.
Thank god she didn't see me when I was at the balcony when she was
walking down from the carpark. I'll get into serious trouble
if she did :D I slept from 1 or 2 till 5 something. And then at night
from 8 till 10 something. Im wide awake now. Might be
awake till 5 something. LOL

I gotta finish my work now. Having class again tomorrow.
Byee (: