Monday, December 31, 2007

I Will Wait For You;

Turns out I can't go to Curve on New Year's Eve. Yeah,
same old reason - Mum don't let. She fcuking expects me to stay
at home on New Year when all my friends are out having a
blast. Bloody shit. Can't she just let me out for the last time as I doubt
that I don't have any chance on going out next year cause of PMR.
I guess God never really help me. Sighs, what can I do? Just stay
at home starring at the ceiling. Fun? NOT. She was so straight
forward, " Mum, can I go to Curve on New Year? " & She says "No"
End of story. Eessh man.

PSP-ed the whole day while watching tv. Called Angel up &
started chit-chatting. She wants to name her future
daughter Nicola. HAHA, she started naming a whole bunch
of names from a book. There's Japanese, Rusia & one more I think
it was Indian. HAHA, the Indian ones really sounds weird.
She's also not confirmed wether she can go for tomorrow. I'll pray
to God she CAN'T go. HAHAHA, I know, evil me. Kidding
kidding :D

Hmm, 2007 is comin to an end & 2008 is coming to a start.
I hope there will be less problems in the coming year.
But I have this really weird feeling it's not gonna be a good year
for me. Dunno why, maybe I'm just weird :D I'm not gonna
say I'm not gonna change at all next year. Obviosly there will be
some changes in me & maybe other people. Time passes,
people change :D

But seriously, next year is not gonna be a fun year till after
PMR. My mum would be pushing & pushing me to
study. NO FREEDOM. I told Angelene that we are gonna
sit down, open the book & SLEEP. HAHA, she was like wtf. Sleep?
Obviously I'm kidding. But studying is my sleeping pill. Haha

Off to the front of the tv again. Byee (: