Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bring It Up;

Christmas Party on 29th of December - CANCELED

Due to improper preparation we can't make it. Things came up
at the last minute. Angelene & I got busy. I'm not really
disappointed actually, we didn't really planned it. So yeah.
Now we're planning to go to Curve on New Year's Eve. Really hope
that I could go. Don't wanna stay home for that day.

Headed to OU today to get some school stuff. Had dinner
at Dave's Deli. Can't seem to find any nice suitable
bags for school. Sighs, went to ss2 too. Had my eye checked.
Shit, my power increased again. Lucky I'm wearing lens :D

Marcus, the ManU fan is totally crushed now cause they
lost. HAHA, I'm trying to cool him down now. Talking
to him online. He kept on sighs-ing online. HAHA, CHEER
UP MARCUS. It ain't the end of the world :D He said that
football is his life & it's more important then SPM. Big big fan huh.
Guys just loveeee football man.

I was taking pictures at 4 am last night or should say this
morning. LOL, I'm like an owl man. Sleep during the day, awake
at night. I'm getting thick eye bags already. Ughh.
Anyways, here's a few gambars :D

God, my eye bags. Ughh

Speak No Evil? LOL

I Was Bored

Okay, that's it. Lazy to upload other pics. Bye (: