Monday, December 10, 2007

Birthday on December 9th (:

Happy Birthday Grandma (:

Yeah, today is my grandmother's birthday. Went over
to her house this evening for dinner. Din't buy her anything
tho. My mum gave her an ang pao. I said it was on
the behalf of me. LOL. Din't have any time & cash to buy
her present.

I have blue nails now (:

Sepiaa - Wind blowww

Just found this pic of my hyper lil' cousin in my phone.
No idea who took it. LOL

Anyways, I'm planning on getting new colour contect lens.
For Chinese New Year perhaps. Considering on
Blue , Green , Grey or Hazel.

Planning to have my ears pierced a second hole too.
But I have to get my mum to give me the green
light. I think it would be a red light.

Okayy, wanna go watch a movie now. Byeee (: