Friday, November 30, 2007

Tittleless ;

Ughh, my grandma has been staying in my house for
the whole week. I have NOT beeing enjoying it
lately. The reason she's staying in my house is because
she argued with her maid? That was what she told
my mum. She argued with the maid & she moved out?
Like what Angelene said : "Isn't the maid suppose
move out instead of the owner?" LOL!
I totally agree on what she said lah.

I especially dislike it when she comes in to my room early
in the morning and don't close my door. Come in I
have no idea what she do in my closet. & when se goes out
she also does not close my door. I'll have to wake up
and close it mysef. Chibai. Eessh.

I mean I love her, but she seriously gotta get lost!
How long am I gonna get stuck with her?

I think that's it la.Wanna go watch tv (:
Ciao for now (: