Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hmm, my dad went to china
early early this morning.
So I stayed up the whole niht until
he left. Which was around 5 am.
After that, I tried going to sleep but
I couldn't sleep. Stared
at the ceiling till 6 am & finally I fell
I woke up around 3 pm. But was
still really tired. So I did the
usual same damn thing.
Shower , eat , online, tv.
Ughh, sick of it.
Anyways I'm using a fcuked up phone
in this short time as my
phone is at service.
I Want A New Phone!!
Aparentlly, I don't have the money &
and my parents don't let.
" Mum, can I have a new phone? "
So yea, No phone for me.
Okay, that's it. Byee (:


Big evil said...

aiyo..pasar malam so many new phone oso can buy la..wakakaka..RM10 can gt 3 N95 lor..haha..lolx..