Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Bored , Bored BORED!
Hate staying at home during holidays.
Nothing in the world to do.
Today got woken up a few times in the morning
by freaking phone calls.
Some ass called around 30 mins after I fell asleep at 6am
and started speaking in chinese.
I was like WTF in my mind.
I hang up straight
Dint give a fcuk. Continued sleeping (:
Last but not least my mum
called my house phone around 2 pm.
She started scolding me cause
I was still sleeping at that time. Din't really listen
what the hell was talking about.
All I heard was
" Girl, why are you still sleeping at this time??!! "
Finally I woke up really blur. (:


Big evil said...

u tell ur mum if u die edi..u scare no chance slp at the bed and no more air cond nw gt chance muz slp late ma..haha..lolx

BeatriceWangShanMin said...

haha, what a bullshitter (: