Monday, November 26, 2007

25th November (:

Today I went 1u with
my bitch Angelene,
My bitch's boyfriend,Siau Lung
My bitch's boyfriend's friend,
& Derrick (:

Went there at around 12.30,
met up with Angelene at MCD.
& met Derrick up at Yippee Cup
later on. Had a drink there.
Headed to OSC to
meet Siau Lung.

Played fuss with Angelene, Lung &
Derrick. I got bullied by
the boys ): I was such a noob.

Played snooker too with Derrick.
White ball kept on going
in. Haha

Went to the shop near OSC
to check out the shades. I couldn't
find the one that I wanted.
Went to the Jetty yamcha.
Was cam-whoring there.
Hehe (:

Siau Lung had to work. So was only Angelene
& I. Derrick meet up with Ishnee.
I teman Angel to Giant.
She bought bread. LOL

So angelene had to go back.
Not long after she went home.
I also had to go back.
So byebye 1u (:
The couple (:

Derrick & Lung



Angelene & I

At Jetty (:

Derrick cam-shy :D

Lung kor :D

My silly bitch (:


On the way back home (:

Okay, that's it. Byee (: